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Jamie M. Speck - Mixed Media Artist 

"My domestic schedule, environment, and family are interwoven with my art and represent an aggregate of who I am, and who I have yet to become. My artwork is a reaction to and record of reassessed reality- where routine and ritual reframe the mundane and conjure the magical."

Jamie M. Speck is a Texas-based artist, whose inspiration is found in her everyday experiences, routines, and environment. Her artwork often incorporates domestic inspired elements and techniques, such as hand stitching, as well as the utilization of beeswax and other non-traditional materials. 

Speck completed her BFA (Magna Cum Laude) at Texas State University, where she majored in Studio Art. She received her master's degree in drawing and painting from Stephen F. Austin State University and her MFA in Studio Art from Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi. Speck is currently an Art Professor and keeps an active studio practice. 

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